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Bitrix24 and Asterisk integration

Try the call tool in the CRM, the Itgrix connector

Characteristics of the integration module

Automatic lead creation
Automatic connection with the manager
Create calls in Bitrix24
Fixing missed calls
One-click calls from CRM
Pop up calling card
End-to-end analysis
Extensive customization possibilities
Automatic lead creation

Automatic lead creation

  • Create a lead / contact for an unknown number;
  • The source is indicated (to the number that was called);
  • A responsible manager (who spoke last) is appointed.
Automatic connection with the manager

Automatic connection with the manager

If the customer calls back, the incoming call will be forwarded to the employee responsible for the customer.

Create calls in Bitrix24

Create calls in Bitrix24

  • Each call is saved in the history on the customer card;
  • The Duration of the conversation is fixed;
  • A recording of the conversation is recorded (which can be listened to on the portal and downloaded);
  • The person in charge is indicated.
Fixing missed calls

Fixing missed calls

  • Leads from unknown numbers; are created automatically;
  • A missed call event is automatically created for the responsible employee;
  • Also, you can create a "Return missed call" task.
One-click calls from CRM

One-click calls from CRM

You can call:
1. Click on the Phone number on the click-to-call customer card;
2. Entering the number in the built-in Bitrix24 widget.

Pop up calling card

Pop up calling card

  • At the time of the call, the customer card is opened;
  • Basic customer information and current conversation comment are available during the call.

Quick action:
1. Go to the detailed information, transactions and tasks of the client;
2. Create a transaction and generate an account for the customer.

End-to-end analysis

End-to-end analysis

  • Shows the traffic source on the lead card;
  • The type of communication is specified (call, chat, email);
  • Possibility of generating reports to track the sources of leads, conversions into transactions, the profitability of promotion channels.
Extensive customization possibilities

Extensive customization possibilities

  • Convert recordings to mp3;
  • Different responsible for missed calls;
  • Setting the waiting time for the client's response, etc.

Evaluate the connector´s functionality

You can test the functionality of the Itgrix integration module and evaluate all the advantages of its operation using the free trial period.


  • Reliability


    • Experienced product development team (in web development since 2010);

    • Regular updates;

    • Strong technical support team.

  • Flexibility


    • Unlimited customization possibilities for your tasks (black/white lists, Phone number setting);

    • Possibility of working in several Asterisk and a Bitrix24 or in an Asterisk and several Bitrix24.

  • Comfort


    • It works with any modern Asterisk (since version 13.0.0);

    • Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastix or Issabel is suitable for installation;

    • Does not require additional SOFTWARE;

    • All the capabilities of your PBX are saved (call distribution, groups, queues and others);

    • Call logs are stored on Bitrix24 or on its server;

    • The client is always addressed to his manager.

How is the Itgrix connector different from a regular sip connector?

Bitrix SIP Connector

  • Voice traffic passes through third-party cloud telephony, which affects the quality and speed of the connection
  • Configure call routing logic in CRM only
  • It is necessary to reconfigure the telephony
  • Telephony does not work with CRM closed
  • A maximum of 10 connections and a total of 15 simultaneous conversations (lines)

Itgrix integration module

Itgrix integration module

  • Fast connection
  • Better communication quality
  • The call logic configured in the PBX is maintained
  • No need to reconfigure telephony
  • Telephony and the entire automation system work even with CRM closed or temporary loss of network
  • Unlimited number of connections and up to 100 simultaneous conversations

Costof the integration module with Asterisk

  • Standard
    3 months

    147 $

    Monthly cost 49 $

    A single payment for the entire period

  • Standard
    12 months

    490 $

    Monthly cost 41 $


    A single payment for the entire period

  • Standard
    3 months

    297 $

    Monthly cost 99 $

    A single payment for the entire period

  • Standard
    12 months

    990 $

    Monthly cost 83 $


    A single payment for the entire period

What is included in the license price?

Technical support for the entire period of use of the Itgrix connector and regular updates.

How to pay?


Stand-alone installation and configuration of the integration module

To integrate Asterisk IP telephony with Bitrix24, set up a connection. The Itgrix integration module can be configured in 4 steps.

  1. Installing Itgrix on the Bitrix24 portal

  2. Itgrix installation on Asterisk server

  3. Itgrix integration module configuration

  4. Integration testing

  5. Ready!!!

For the correct configuration, before installing the application, please check that your original data meets the minimum system requirements and follow the instructions' step by step.

Go to instructions

After setup complete, check integration with test cases.

Installation and configuration of the Itgrix module by our experts

We remotely connect and set up the Bitrix24 and Asterisk integration with our module.

When ordering the Paid Integration Service, 2 weeks of module use as a gift!

See the order and conditions of the integration

Functional improvements

The module provides an open and well-documented opportunity to configure functionality for your tasks.

  1. User enablement through the Itgrix interface

  2. Documentation for administrators

  3. Select required Plugins and configure customization

  4. Ready! No need to reboot the module

See useful customizations

Is it not possible to extend the functionality?

Our specialists customize the Itigrix module for your business goals and objectives. The cost depends on the volume and complexity of the tasks.

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